Thomas P. Hodge – Musical Director

Southdowns Concert Band

Vision Statement

Southdowns Concert Band strives for musical excellence, continually willing to improve and achieve higher standards, as well as mastering new repertoire. The band membership spans from stalwarts of 30 year’s membership to several new joiners, whom I hope continue to enjoy sharing their passion for music with us. As Musical Director, I am excited to support and encourage the diverse musical tastes of our members and audiences alike.

I will pursue a versatile musical repertoire that will take us through all musical genres; from classical standards to more modern compositions and concert band arrangements, ballet and theatre, to big band and popular culture. Our concert programmes will be varied to capture the hearts and imaginations of our audiences, thus allowing them to enjoy a musical journey.

My vision for the band is quite simple; to embrace diversity by broadening our musical minds and produce an outstanding showcase to delight our audiences. Subsequently, this sense of achievement will provide a huge amount of pride and satisfaction within the band membership

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