Vision Statement

“It is a delight to work with people who have a passion for music, and Southdowns upholds and maintains the true spirit of the Concert Band. Conducting such a fine ensemble who strive for excellence, continually eager to improve and achieve higher musical standards, is a joy to behold. As the Musical Director, I will endeavour to pursue a wide, varied and most versatile musical repertoire, ensuring the musicians are enthused and stimulated at every eventuality. The vast new library makes provision for all musical tastes from popular classical standards, to the more challenging works of the modern wind band repertoire.

The vision for the future is quite clear; to develop and improve musical excellence within the ensemble, and to perform of the highest standard at concert venues throughout the Southern area. However, primarily and most importantly, the music making must be an enjoyable experience for all, creating a constructive and cheerful environment.”

Ross Hunt – Musical Director